Thursday, June 26, 2008


So once again there is a new Novela on Telemundo, although this novela has the usual elements of sex, betrayal, and the ever so popular distinction of class systems among the people of various Latin American countries. Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso, is the debut novel of Colombian journalist Gustavo Bolívar and no popularized by the production of the novela based on the novel. The novel is based on true events, it captures the lives and struggles of young girls in Colombia, well it focuses on the Character of Catalina who is so desperate to make money that she decides to become a prostitute. Her dreams of becoming a prostitute are shattered when she can get any clients because she has small breast. As sad as this seems i find it hilarious, the main issue being here is that she wants to be a prostitute;but not just any prostitute she is looking to be I suppose you can call it a "call girl."I'm not certain on the titles given to different types of Prostitutes. Well going back to Catalina, the 17 year old ends up not being liked by the drug dealer and thus has to settle for his bodyguard, Caballo lies to her telling her that he can pay her enough money to buy the coveted silicone implants. Well long story short she ends up not getting paid and is raped by Caballo and his two co-workers talk about a bad first day at work. I missed an episode and all of a sudden someone is trying to kill That's what you get when you try to have sex with a Drug dealer.

While this is going on her brother is getting shot at and her mother is somewhat attracted to Catalina's long time "admirer." Albeiro truly loves Catalina and wants to make her his wife, but she is not willing to give up her desire for fast money. So in the major picture Albeiro and Hilda(mother to Catalina) have some serious sexual tension going on...i predict that they will inevitably have hot monkey sex.Lol. Anyways this brings on the whole thing about men being total jerks and no sense of loyalty. Talk about the ultimate betrayal...Lusting after the mother of the girl you love.haha. This novela is terribly realistic, with an pinch of humor, well at least to me. Considering that many young girls are led to this horrible life it's actually pretty sad.

If you look behind the prostitution and sex you have a girl trap in her own bubble of naivety. She is so ridiculously stupid, that it isn't surprising that she ends up having to get an abortion because she didn't know about protection. Ok this may sound mean, but in this day and age i would hope that most of the 17 year olds are the world know about various forms of birth control and if not then I'M living in a fucked up world. I mean come on 17 years old !!!! and it's not like she isn't aware of sex, I mean she wants to to be a prostitute or at least wants a drug dealer to be her sugar daddy...well she gets an abortion.

All of this has happen in the first two weeks of having aired on Telemundo. In tonights episode her dreams of big jugs might finally come true or will they....? what she doesn't know is that she is going to be implanted with cocaine and not silicone, the novela now takes a turn into the world of narcotics and the ever quest for the perfect way to get drugs into other countries...well i may give a day to day update on this is soap.
omg Brittany has kept her blog from me for two years, if that isn't being deceitful i don't know what is??? lol Hi Britt!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digital Libaries

I adore books, but my greatest guilty pleasure are romance novels. I have no idea why people find them so revolting....I of course have a good laugh once and awhile when i see a romance novel with a Fabio wannabe. They are an indeed a comical sight to behold. It's amusing to see that the one always seems so subservient, even though it's written by women(well most all I've read are!!)But regardless the tales of everlasting love are to much for me to resist and i find myself time and time again returning to the genre. The writing isn't remedial or less proficient than that of other genres, but i find that there's a strong hesitation by males as well as female readers. I find these novels fun and easy to read, at times i read 4-5 a week....I know, I know I live a pretty sad existence, but [Anne] I have no friends.
Anyways that was just a small tangent that i had to get into and will later indulge in, but alas I come to my current problem: digital libraries! For the most part they are nice and efficient when i need a quick fix of amore. It's not like I get off on them as crude as that sounds, but they aren't that extreme to leave me breathless and writhing in pleasure(hahaha man I do read too many R-novels, look at how I write!!). OK...ok so back to D-libraries, my criticisms are as follows:

1)Why do they run out of copies? I mean i know that there is a very credible reason for this, but I don't know...

2) Why can I only check out 5 of these so called Books? I want more!!

3)If the book is due at a certain time why doesn't it just return itself?? Isn't all this stuff all computerized and shit!

4) Furthermore why isn't it possible to return a book before the date?

5)Audio Books...for the love of all that is holy why?? If you can't see anymore I'll read to you, I just have a great dislike of audio books, way too slow! To me reading a personal thing, a bond between book and

For now that is all, but stay tune, well as of now I'm writing just for you Anne!
Later topics might include church and feminism...ohh and the pressure of writing research papers that night before they are due!! Just for my lovely little Anne!

Monday, April 21, 2008

So yeah...1st time posting something, and once i publish i won't longer be a, get it? The only reason i wanted a blog is because i talk way too much and there's no one to talk to at home. And i have no friends, well i do, but they have lives, Anne, this is your fault! I really don't know what to say, only that this is going to be cut short because i'm suffocating, my sister needs to be changed.ttyl!